Al-Sadiq Mosque, Bahawalpur

Al-Sadiq Mosque is located in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. Its foundation stone was laid by Great Sufi of Chishtia order and the Spiritual Master of Nawab of Bahawalpur Hazrat Noor Muhammad Maharvi (R.A). The renovation was done by the order of His highness Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi in 1935 (A.D) after returning from hajj. 50,000 to 60,000 people can pray in the mosque at a time.

The form of the mosque is inspired from the Badshahi Mosque Lahore but with chaste white marble cladding instead of red-sand stone. All the architectural details and decoration is carried out by following the ornamentation details of Badshashi Mosque.

Al-Sadiq Mosque like Wazir Khan mosque is self-sustained mosque in context of its resources for maintances. On ground floor level, number of shops were constructed which are rented out as local shops. The rent recieved is utilized for maintaince of the mosque.