Revenue Generation Sources

Major Sources of Income of Auqaf Organization are:

Rent from Commercial / Residential Properties

The rent from the Waqf properties under the Administrative Control of the Department is collected on monthly basis. After every three years, an increase of 25% is added in current rent. On the same pattern, rent from the residential properties is collected.

Cash Boxes

Cash boxes placed at the Shrines are a major source of income of the organization. The devotees offer their Nazrana.

Shoe keeping / Flower Shops / Toilets Contracts

Shoe keeping, flower shops, toilets contracts are auctioned every year. The process of auctioning start from February / March and continues till the end of June. A handsome amount of income is generated from these sources.

Fee on Transfer of Property

Commercial / residential properties which are on rental basis are transferred after hearing the parities, an amount which is equal to 50 months current rent is charged. The new rent is assessed and approved by the designated committee.

Sale of Publications

Auqaf organization also publishes books on Islamic topics and Sufia. The sale proceeds generate a nominal amount because the organization sells these books on no profit no loss basis. The reason of no profit no loss is that the Department sells these books for preaching and information purpose. 

Lease of Agricultural Land

The agricultural land under the administrative control of the organization are offered for lease annualy. This is another major source of income. Agricultural land (Banjar) is also leased out on Tubewell Scheme for 7 years.


  • Agriculture land is leased out through open auction after due publicity in National Dailies
  • Each year auction schedule is published in National Dailies in month of Feb/March
  • According to published auction schedule, auction proceedings take place on stipulated date and venue fixed in schedule, under supervision of auction committee
  • Every citizen of Pakistan can participate in the auction proceedings
  • The Highest bidder of land under auction has to pay full amount of bid along with Government Taxes at the spot
  • After approval of bid from the authority, the possession of land is handed over to highest bidders
  • Highest bidder of auctioned land can retain the land for further 4 years with increase of 20% in first two year and 10% in third and 4th year


Enlisted below is the total property leased out in different sectors:

  • Notified Waqf Land : 74,964 acres


  • Cultivable : 29,907 acres
  • Uncultivable : 45,057 acres


  • Commercial area : 363 acres (available for auction)
  • Commercial area : 149 kanal
  • Shops : 6,179
  • Houses : 1,426
  • Graveyard : 3151 acres approximately