Major Initiatives

Live View

  • Now you can have the Live View of the Darbar

Digitization of Department

  • The steps are being taken for digitization of the directorates of the Department

Water Conservation & Re-Use of Ablution Water

  • The water used for ablution in mosques & shrines will be re-used for watering plants & Parks
  • In Phase-I, PC-I for re-use of ablution water at shrine Hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh was approved and tender has been floated for 18.10.2019
  • In Phase-II, re-use of ablution water at shrine of Hazrat Shah Hussain, Hazrat Mian Mir, Hazrat Shah Kamal, Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah and Masjid Tajdar-e-Ambia, Lahore

Increase in Departmental Income 

  • 18.26% increase in departmental income has been recorded in the financial 2018-19
  • Zonal Administrators, Auqaf have been given the target to increase it upto minimum 30% in the second half of 2019-20
  • The Zonal Administrators have been directed to revise rents of Auqaf Properties as per prevalent market rates

Modernization of Cash Boxes

Negotiations are underway with Ufone, Alfalah Bank and Allied Bank for installation of cash collecting machines on the model of ATMs or placement of transparent cash boxes at major shrines.

Establishment of University of Sufism and Spiritual Studies

  • In Phase-I, Punjab Academy for Sufism is being established under Punjab Institute of Quran & Seerat Studies (PIQSS)
  • In Phase-II, this academy shall be transformed into University of Sufism & Spiritual Studies

Real Time Monitoring Through Mobile SIMs

Mobile SIMs have been provided to all officers and field staff for real time monitoring of field officers vis-à-vis development of projects, opening of cash boxes to ensure better functioning of the Department.

Upgradation of Data Darbar Hospital, Lahore 

  • Process for recruitment against vacant posts for specialist doctors and MOs at Data Darbar Hospital, Lahore has been completed
  • Planning for Construction of multi storey block comprising Emergency & Trauma Centre, Blood Bank and Diagnostic Centre is underway
  • The Indoor capacity of Hospital will be enhanced from 125 to 200
  • Thorough repair works of existing building of hospital have been carried out

Commercialization of Auqaf Properties for Revenue Generation

  • Identification of land for commercialization has been completed 
  • Assessment of Commercial value and potential use of Waqf land will be finalized by the committee
  • Detailed digital inventory of the potential land is being developed which shall be auctioned after approval by Chief Minister, Punjab

GIS Mapping of Auqaf Properties

Process for geo-mapping of all Auqaf Properties has been initiated in collaboration with Urban Unit. The geo-referenced special data of all agricultural, commercial and residential properties including geo-tagging and demarcation is being carried out.

Plantation on Auqaf Lands

  • For the first time, the policy of mandatory plantation on every Acre of leased land is being strictly implemented. Stock registers of such plantation is being maintained. Also a mechanism for safety and maintenance is being visualized.

Forestation on Auqaf Land

  • To develope Clean and Green Pakistan more than 200 Acres Land has been identified after joint servy of Auqaf and Forest Department, forestation on the above reffered land is being carried out in collaboration with the Forest Department

Conservation & Restoration of Shrines and Mosques

  • Renovation on shrines of Hazrat Shah Chiragh, Hazrat Abu-al-Muali, Bibi Pak Daman, Mosque Hazrat Jalal-ud-Din Bukhari and Chillagah Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar has started
  • Need based prioritization for Renovation & Restoration of Historical Shrines and Mosques is included in Current ADP 2018-19
  • Survey has been completed regarding dangerous, dilapidated and missing facilities.

Promotion of Religious Tourism

  • Collaboration with TDCP and Walled City Authority to promote religious tourism at different Sites
  • Presentation and promotion of religious tourism sites on national and international fora
  • Facilitation of religious tourists at shrines
  • Special packages of tourism including guides, travelling, accommodation, site seeing with the help of 3rd party
  • Construction of hotels for pilgrims stay.

Surveillance through CCTV Cameras

  • Surveillance of cash boxes at different shrines is being carried out through CCTV cameras in respective zonal offices

Automation of Rented Units of Auqaf

  • Digitization of record of commercial and residential units
  • Biometric verification of tenants
  • GEO tagging of properties
  • Rent collection through TELCOS

Establishment of Facilitation Desk and Other Facilities

  • Free shoe keeping facility is being started shortly at one of the gates of Data Darbar, Lahore as a pilot project
  • Renovation & Reconstruction of toilets at different shrines across the province is under process
  • Free Washroom / Toilet facilities at all shrines from next fiscal year
  • Facilitation Desks for devotees are being set up at major Shrines across the province
  • Facilitation Desk at Data Darbar, Lahore shall be functional shortly

Disposal of Court Cases

  • Directorate of Law vigorously pursuing all the Pending cases 
  • Senior lawyers are placed on the Legal Panel of Auqaf Organization
  • Early disposal of cases is being Pursued and updated data is being Maintained on daily basis. below is the list of pending cases court wise
    • Sr. No. Name of Zone Supreme Court High Court District Court Civil Court Board of Revenue / Chairman ETP Board Other Courts Total
      1 Lahore 8 47 32 113 3 -- 203
      2 Gujranwala 5 23 9 28 - 1 66
      3 Rawalpindi 2 11 2 29 -- 1 45
      4 Sargodha 21 19 6 43 4 7 100
      5 Faisalabad 2 16 22 20 -- 1 61
      6 Pakpattan 4 16 3 45 -- -- 68
      7 Multan -- 28 5 18 -- 1 52
      8 D.G.Khan 1 28 7 18 -- 1 55
      9 Bahawalpur 8 23 4 11 1 12 59
      10 Data Darbar -- 3 -- 3 -- -- 6
      11 Badshahi Masjid -- 2 1 3 -- -- 6
      12 Head Office 3 28 -- -- -- -- 31
        Total 54 244 91 331 8 24 752