Hazrat Shah Shams Sabzwari (RA), Multan

Hazrat Shah Shams-ud-Din Sabzwari Multani (RA) (died 757 A.H. / 1356 A.D) was a Muslim Sufi missionary. He arrived in Multan in early 1200 A.D. in Pakistan and preached Islam to the local population. He is considered to be a saint due to his poetry and the local traditions.

He was born at "Sabzwar" in Iran where he spent his childhood and adolescence in pursuit of education. Probably, in his twenties he spent working under the tilage of his father, Pir Salahuddin, in Sabzwari and perhaps in his early thirties succeeded his father and was assigned the Da'wa of Badakshan and Northern India. Conducting his missionary work with great ardour and zeal, his activities ranged from Badakshan, through Kashmir, and from Punjab, Sindh to Gujerat with Multan as his headquarters. As he spent the better part of his later years at or around Multan he was laid to rest there, hence he is also famous as Shams Sabzwari Multani.

His Mausoleum is located in Multan, on the high bank of the old bed of the Ravi River near Aam-Khas Garden. His shrine was built by his grandson in 1330 A.D. The tomb is square, 30 feet (9.1 m) in height surmounted by a hemispherical dome. It is decorated with ornamental glazed tiles.